Non Alcoholic Beer

I have seen this question asked many times. Is non alcoholic beer okay?

Firstly it still has a small amount of alcohol. Calling it non alcoholic is false advertising.

Secondly, do you really drink the beer for the taste? I never did. I wanted the effect. I ended up liking the taste because I knew the effect was coming. Without the effect .. I would just feel empty.. missing the effect. If you are moving on from beer… you’ve got to go full on and do it. Will be tough but very worth it.

If alcohol advertisements told the truth

Obviously they won’t .. it’d be bad for business. But if they did.. imagine what that would be like.

Try new Awesome Light, our beer will make you happy for 20 to 30 minutes and then you will have the desire to drink more and more. You’ll likely embarrass yourself, jeopardize your closest relationships, and wake up with a splitting headache, be extremely dehydrated and hate yourself. Don’t miss out! Try it today for a limited time deal, half price, this deal won’t last!

Monday morning

What should of been a nice break from work, people come back in worse condition than they left. Why? Shouldn’t they be refreshed and energized? Nope. They drank because they “deserved” it. They worked all week, alcohol is their reward.

Alcohol adds to stress. Maybe not in the moment you are drinking it, but it does. It is all illusion. An illusion reinforced by our culture, but an illusion nonetheless. A person who eats well, drinks plenty of water and has sufficient coping skills will be able to deal with the daily struggles of life without the need for a poisonous crutch. This is the kind of person who will come back to work Monday truly refreshed and ready to go.

Things to do instead of drinking

I know that at first it can seem impossible to imagine a life without drinking. But you have to realize it is possible. Many people have kicked the alcohol to the curb and are now living happy lives. These people would never go back to drinking.

The point of this post is that almost anything is better than drinking. But here are some examples if you are struggling on what else to do.

Go for a walk

Go to the beach

Clean your home (good distraction and you’ll feel good about it after)

Spend some time with your children or pets.

Ride your bike.

Watch netflix, rent a movie.

I could go on and on and on, but I know at this point you might be thinking.. Ugh I would just rather drink. That’s understandable, beating alcohol is a process. What you have to realize is that what seems impossible right now is not impossible. You can overcome this problem and gain your self respect back and be in complete amazement when you realize .. hey.. I did it. That’s the moment I want you to have.

A waste of money

Think about it. You pay your hard earned money for a drink that your body recognizes as poison and immediately tries to get rid of it. For what? 20 to 30 minutes of pleasure? If someone came up to you and said hey I have a deal for you, I have a product that will make you really happy for 30 minutes but you’ll spend the next day sick and hating yourself, you’d laugh at them.

But alcohol is presented as something positive.. no negatives are mentioned. That’s advertising … and it’d be bad for business to list negatives, but we as consumers need to be able to filter through these advertisements and not just see what the companies want us to see.

What exactly is

This is a website dedicated to alcoholism, problem drinking, whatever you wish to label it. The meaning of the name “Preserve Tomorrow” is pretty simple. If you drink today and you drink as much as I likely would, you greatly reduce your chances of tomorrow being a better day. Instead it is better to persevere. Be stronger than your cravings, your life depends on it.


Here I will try to help aid you in gaining and maintaining that strength. Alcohol doesn’t have to have power over you any longer.


By the way, welcome.