Am I an Alcoholic?


People often do online quizzes to see if they are an alcoholic are not or they will read a list of symptoms. I think it is much simpler.

Is alcohol causing problems in your relationships? At work? Do you drink more than doctors say is safe on a regular basis?

The big question is, when you try to quit is it a struggle?

I was drinking way too much, way too fast and way too often. It was ruining my relationship with my family, I was not taking my job seriously and my health was surely going to suffer permanently if the madness did not stop. It doesn’t matter if you label yourself an alcoholic, a problem drinker, someone with a drinking problem ..

If alcohol is harming your life.. which I think it might be or you wouldn’t be here, you don’t have to drink it anymore. If you are on the fence, stay away from it for 30 days and if you don’t notice significant improvement in your quality of life, I will be very surprised.

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