Drinking away problems

I used to become overwhelmed with life and drink to cope with that feeling. Eventually I realized the reason my life was so overwhelming was for the most part caused by the drinking. My finances were a mess. What did I do? I spent money that had so many better uses on a poison that would make me feel horrible and steal all my motivation, motivation I needed to turn my life around. Do you see the cycle?

If you are finding yourself stressed while putting your life back together, be patient. The worst thing you can do is let yourself become overly stressed and negative. You won’t fix everything over night or even a month most likely. You will, however, make noticeable progress over time and eventually reach your goal.

The important thing is to continue making the next best decision so you can keep propelling yourself forward. Enjoy today while working towards tomorrow. It helped me while fixing my finances to think of the bills I had paid off. When I was feeling hopeless, feeling like it was taking too long, I was able to remember the progress I had made.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. As long as you don’t drink and avoid making impulsive decisions, your life will turn around dramatically for the better. You will learn healthy ways to deal with your problems and stress.

I have seen it said that if you drink because you have problems, you now have one more problem to add to your list. It is truly a hoax to drink a chemical your body considers a poison to cope with problems.

You can get so much more out of life and reach heights you never could of imagined as long as you maintain the correct perspective when it comes to alcohol. A tiny bit of pleasure followed by a world of pain in the long term. It is not a good trade.


Am I an Alcoholic?


People often do online quizzes to see if they are an alcoholic are not or they will read a list of symptoms. I think it is much simpler.

Is alcohol causing problems in your relationships? At work? Do you drink more than doctors say is safe on a regular basis?

The big question is, when you try to quit is it a struggle?

I was drinking way too much, way too fast and way too often. It was ruining my relationship with my family, I was not taking my job seriously and my health was surely going to suffer permanently if the madness did not stop. It doesn’t matter if you label yourself an alcoholic, a problem drinker, someone with a drinking problem ..

If alcohol is harming your life.. which I think it might be or you wouldn’t be here, you don’t have to drink it anymore. If you are on the fence, stay away from it for 30 days and if you don’t notice significant improvement in your quality of life, I will be very surprised.

Drink Responsibly!

From a business perspective, do you really think the alcohol companies want you to “Drink Responsibly” ? Of course they don’t. It is an image thing. They know they are selling a poison but they will do everything they can to keep that from you. Sure, you know deep down it is bad for you, but they make the bottles look appealing and throw advertisements at you that act like if you don’t drink their brand of poison, you are somehow missing out on life. They make it seem like everyone does it and if you don’t you are missing out on one of life’s great pleasures. 

Cigarette companies are no longer allowed to advertise on television because it is known that cigarettes cause cancer. Alcohol causes cancer and so many more problems, yet these companies are allowed to continue putting itself out there as a “normal” part of life.

I went to a store this morning for some coffee and was greeted by a big sign advertising beer. It had a glass beer bottle with water droplets on it to make it look so thirst quenching. The idea of drinking a beer on a hot day is just more propaganda.

I know! It’s hot and I’m possibly dehydrated. Instead of drinking water I will drink something known to cause dehydration. Anyway, I’m sure you get the point.

I don’t see the alcohol advertisements coming down any time soon, if they ever do. The only thing we can do as people who can see through the big lie is not let ourselves fall victim to it again and help others who are struggling with an alcohol problem.



You may not even know how bad you feel until..

until you escape the prison that is drinking.

I used to wake up and think that since I didn’t have a headache or any other noticeable symptoms that I had gotten away with drinking. It wasn’t until I stopped drinking and the days began adding up that I began to realize the true impact of alcohol on my life. With each day you avoid alcohol, you begin to heal a little bit more. My stress levels began to drop. Situations that used to seem impossible to deal with became much easier. I started waking up refreshed and ready to experience the day. Even small things occurred like being able to appreciate music again and having the desire to sing along to the beat.

Am I saying that life is perfect now? No. It’s life, there will be problems. However, if you treat your body the way it is supposed to be treated, it will be able to function as it should. Pour a poison into it and it shouldn’t come as any surprise that things aren’t quite right.

Stay away from alcohol and day by day things will begin to improve for you. Do not give in to any desires to drink. That was the old you, the you that you want to banish into the previous chapter of your life. In this new chapter you do not hide from your problems, you face them head on. You realize that alcohol only temporarily helps you forget the problems, but you will wake up tomorrow with the same problems and another one … the alcohol has now put your body all out of whack and will take days to balance itself back out, even if you don’t have the classic headache.

Power through the desires to drink knowing that you want to preserve tomorrow. Don’t wake up yet again full of regret and self-hatred. Each time you beat the desire to drink, confidence will build and it will become easier and easier each time. Give yourself the chance to get to that point.


If you drive drunk

If you drink and drive you already know it is not wise. Once you start drinking, you are no longer “you”. The alcohol is now in charge to a large extent.  If the need to go any place arises, you will likely think you are perfectly fine to drive. You may have even successfully pulled it off many times before.

You could successfully drink and drive 999 times, but number 1,000 could change your life forever. If you are lucky, you only get caught and pay the penalty. Depending on where you live, you will get a fine and / or jail time.

That’s the best outcome. The reality is, any time you drink and drive you could crash into another vehicle or run into a pedestrian.  How would you feel if you were facing the reality that not only was your life forever reduced to a prison cell, but that you also killed someone? What if you killed a mother, a father, or a child just getting started in life?

You are not a bad person. You read my website because you want to better yourself and leave that old life behind you.

Stay away from alcohol and this is a non issue.


If you are anything like me, you tried to quit drinking many times before you finally followed through with it. Each time I failed my self esteem fell even lower. I began to think I was doomed to a life of drinking. Nothing special happened to me to make this time successful. I began reading as much as I could about people who had beat this thing and I became inspired. I began to believe I could one day be free from the shackles of alcohol. Now I would never go back.

It takes time to get to that point but hang in there. Believe that getting through the cravings will pay off in the long run.


You have had a stressful day at work and just want to drink when you get home to unwind and forget about it all. While it may not be easy, you have to convince yourself to do something else. Drink some tea, call a understanding friend, watch some TV. Basically, anything you can do to unwind without touching the poison.

If you cave in and drink, you will not get proper sleep, you likely won’t eat right and you’ll wake up irritable and fuzzy for work. What happens then? You create a cycle. Of course you will have another stressful day at work, probably even worse because you never stood a chance from the moment you woke up.

No one who has ever woken up sober has thought to themselves “Damn, I wish I had drank last night!”

The you of that evening might of felt uncomfortable denying yourself alcohol, but the you of the next day will be perfectly okay with the decision you made.

Pros vs Cons of Drinking

I found it helpful to write a list of pros vs cons of drinking to really lay the reality out on the table. Once I had the list made I would look it over again during difficult times. I recommend that you do the same.

Here is my list:

Pros of Drinking:

  • That 20 to 30 minute period of happiness / lack of stress following the first couple of drinks.

Cons of Drinking:

  • The heartburn caused by drinking.
  • The loss of time that could of been used on more productive activities.
  • The anxiety / panic the next day.
  • The lack of coping skills due to simply drowning all problems in poison.
  • The waste of money that could of been used on so many better things.
  • The lack of real sleep.
  • The self hatred / low self esteem.
  • The feeling of hopelessness.
  • The responsibilities that were neglected.
  • The lack of trust from others.
  • The health anxiety.
  • The inevitable legal problems due to drinking.

The choice is clear. The benefits gotten from drinking are not worth the price you have to pay. Sure, it can make us feel good. We wouldn’t drink it if it didn’t. But it makes us feel good for such a short period of time and leaves us feeling so low afterwards.

I would rather get through a stressful moment or day sober, because at least you preserve the possibility of tomorrow being radically better. Even if tomorrow isn’t that much different, things will look up for you eventually.

Whatever happens, don’t drink.




Why you should have a plan

When quitting drinking, it is helpful to have a plan. What this means is you have to consciously prepare yourself for your new life. What things in your current life will trigger you to drink? Will you go past your usual beer store or favorite bar on the way home from work?

You have to think about these things. This is a serious problem and when you overcome it you will feel so triumphant. But right now it is time to get real and do the work to make sure you are no longer controlled by alcohol.



My position on A.A is simple. If it is helping you, stay with it.

For me, it wasn’t helpful. I did not mesh with it. But hey, everyone is different right? Don’t feel like just because you went to A.A and relapsed that you simply weren’t doing it right. Also don’t think you are just someone who is doomed to drinking forever. Again… it works some and doesn’t for others. There isn’t a monopoly on quitting drinking. Keep looking for the solution you agree with.

Whatever you are going through right now will pass

I know horrible things happen.. family dies … jobs are lost. Major things take place. But lets be real. Even though drinking will make you feel better today for a little while, it will only make a bad situation even worse. It is time to stop hiding from reality and start taking it head on. Once you start dealing with reality, it will become easier. You will have your life together and will know what to expect. When an unexpected situation happens, you will still have the life experience to get through it in a healthy way.