Alcohol Withdrawal

So you are ready to kick the poison to the curb, that is wonderful! You are embarking on a journey that you will not regret.

Depending on how much you’ve been drinking and your body, you might experience withdrawals from quitting drinking. These can range from mild to severe. I personally experienced heightened anxiety and trouble getting to sleep in the very early days.

In severe cases you can hallucinate, have a racing heart, have seizures and even die. This reality isn’t any reason to continue drinking! It simply means you need a medical detox. Your local hospital will be able to monitor you and give you medication that ensures you not only survive your detox, but it is more comfortable as well.

Some hospitals offer sliding scale payment options or even will write off your bill if you meet certain income guidelines.

If you are going to try to detox at home, pay attention to your body and if you feel things getting out of control, please seek medical help immediately.

I am not a doctor, any medical advice I give is my personal opinion.