If you drive drunk

If you drink and drive you already know it is not wise. Once you start drinking, you are no longer “you”. The alcohol is now in charge to a large extent.  If the need to go any place arises, you will likely think you are perfectly fine to drive. You may have even successfully pulled it off many times before.

You could successfully drink and drive 999 times, but number 1,000 could change your life forever. If you are lucky, you only get caught and pay the penalty. Depending on where you live, you will get a fine and / or jail time.

That’s the best outcome. The reality is, any time you drink and drive you could crash into another vehicle or run into a pedestrian.  How would you feel if you were facing the reality that not only was your life forever reduced to a prison cell, but that you also killed someone? What if you killed a mother, a father, or a child just getting started in life?

You are not a bad person. You read my website because you want to better yourself and leave that old life behind you.

Stay away from alcohol and this is a non issue.

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