You may not even know how bad you feel until..

until you escape the prison that is drinking.

I used to wake up and think that since I didn’t have a headache or any other noticeable symptoms that I had gotten away with drinking. It wasn’t until I stopped drinking and the days began adding up that I began to realize the true impact of alcohol on my life. With each day you avoid alcohol, you begin to heal a little bit more. My stress levels began to drop. Situations that used to seem impossible to deal with became much easier. I started waking up refreshed and ready to experience the day. Even small things occurred like being able to appreciate music again and having the desire to sing along to the beat.

Am I saying that life is perfect now? No. It’s life, there will be problems. However, if you treat your body the way it is supposed to be treated, it will be able to function as it should. Pour a poison into it and it shouldn’t come as any surprise that things aren’t quite right.

Stay away from alcohol and day by day things will begin to improve for you. Do not give in to any desires to drink. That was the old you, the you that you want to banish into the previous chapter of your life. In this new chapter you do not hide from your problems, you face them head on. You realize that alcohol only temporarily helps you forget the problems, but you will wake up tomorrow with the same problems and another one … the alcohol has now put your body all out of whack and will take days to balance itself back out, even if you don’t have the classic headache.

Power through the desires to drink knowing that you want to preserve tomorrow. Don’t wake up yet again full of regret and self-hatred. Each time you beat the desire to drink, confidence will build and it will become easier and easier each time. Give yourself the chance to get to that point.


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