Pros vs Cons of Drinking

I found it helpful to write a list of pros vs cons of drinking to really lay the reality out on the table. Once I had the list made I would look it over again during difficult times. I recommend that you do the same.

Here is my list:

Pros of Drinking:

  • That 20 to 30 minute period of happiness / lack of stress following the first couple of drinks.

Cons of Drinking:

  • The heartburn caused by drinking.
  • The loss of time that could of been used on more productive activities.
  • The anxiety / panic the next day.
  • The lack of coping skills due to simply drowning all problems in poison.
  • The waste of money that could of been used on so many better things.
  • The lack of real sleep.
  • The self hatred / low self esteem.
  • The feeling of hopelessness.
  • The responsibilities that were neglected.
  • The lack of trust from others.
  • The health anxiety.
  • The inevitable legal problems due to drinking.

The choice is clear. The benefits gotten from drinking are not worth the price you have to pay. Sure, it can make us feel good. We wouldn’t drink it if it didn’t. But it makes us feel good for such a short period of time and leaves us feeling so low afterwards.

I would rather get through a stressful moment or day sober, because at least you preserve the possibility of tomorrow being radically better. Even if tomorrow isn’t that much different, things will look up for you eventually.

Whatever happens, don’t drink.




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