Things to do instead of drinking

I know that at first it can seem impossible to imagine a life without drinking. But you have to realize it is possible. Many people have kicked the alcohol to the curb and are now living happy lives. These people would never go back to drinking.

The point of this post is that almost anything is better than drinking. But here are some examples if you are struggling on what else to do.

Go for a walk

Go to the beach

Clean your home (good distraction and you’ll feel good about it after)

Spend some time with your children or pets.

Ride your bike.

Watch netflix, rent a movie.

I could go on and on and on, but I know at this point you might be thinking.. Ugh I would just rather drink. That’s understandable, beating alcohol is a process. What you have to realize is that what seems impossible right now is not impossible. You can overcome this problem and gain your self respect back and be in complete amazement when you realize .. hey.. I did it. That’s the moment I want you to have.

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