Welcome! PreserveTomorrow.com is predominately about quitting and successfully staying away from alcohol.

I am not a doctor. The advice I give is my opinion based on my experiences. Hopefully you will find some strength within this website.

My story is not unusual. I was drinking every chance I had and when I couldn’t, I was thinking about it. I did not see the point in having just one or two drinks. I would choose none over one or two. I wanted to be able to drink “properly”. Basically, as much as possible in a short amount of time. The hangovers became worse over time. I started having panic attacks the next day, a sense of impending doom. I was spending most of my out of work time alone at my computer drinking until I would pass out. It was no way to live. My family was unable to trust me and were very worried. I was a shell of a human being and I absolutely hated myself. The feeling of hopeless was deeply entrenched in my mind. For a long time there was no out. At least it seemed that way.

Eventually I became fed up with the panic attacks and decided this was no way to live. I began researching drinking problems and read many success stories. I developed a strong dislike for alcohol and the culture surrounding it. I started eating better and drinking plenty of water. Most importantly I read positive recovery stories / articles every day to keep my motivation going.

It wasn’t easy but my thought process was simple. If I drank today, tomorrow will very likely be dominated by that decision. My body would be all out of whack, I wouldn’t feel right. The panic would return. I decided I had to stay away from alcohol today in order to preserve the potential for tomorrow to be a decent day. That is where the name of the website comes from.

Even if you want to drink today .. don’t. You know the best effects of the alcohol will wear off very quickly.. 20 to 30 minutes max. The rest of your drinking experience will be you drinking more and more to get that initial feeling .. but just become more and more stupid. If you are lucky you won’t embarrass yourself or get in any legal trouble. But you risk those things happening each time you cave in.

I don’t care if your house burned down, motor blew in your car and you lost your job all in the same day. DON’T DRINK! All you will do is add more problems. The more you deal with problems without drinking the easier it will be. You will naturally utilize natural coping methods.

I am glad you are here. If you have any suggestions head on over to the “contact” page.